Family Math Letter

New Unit:  Application of Geometry

Essential questions:

1.  How do you find the area of a triangle?

2.  How can you find the area of a polygon by breaking it into simpler shapes?

3.  How can you solve problems by drawing polygons in the coordinate plane?

4.  How can you use nets to find surface areas?

5.  How do you find the volume of right rectangular prisms?


Polygons            Triangles         Quadrilaterals        Special quadrilaterals

Volume            Right Rectangular Prisms            Compose/decompose

Vertex                Pentagon             Hexagon                     Heptagon        Octagon

Net                   Surface Area            Pyramid            Regular Polygons    

Rhombus Parallelogram      Rectangle          Square             


1.  Create your own visual dictionary of the vocabulary words.

2.  Write a story for primary school students that help them understand the

characteristics of the shapes.

3.  Play a geometry game.  You can find some on http://www.math- Games.html

4.  Create your own nets.  Cut them out and see if they work.

5.  Download nets from


Family Math Bonus:  Figure This! #45.  Three squares:  When can two squares

become a new square?   Bring in your families results for a homework pass.

Model Algebraic Equations with a Balance:

SBAC Practice

Hello Mathematicians! 
Each week we will study CCSS objectives.  The concept we cover in class will be evidenced on our class notes each day.  Don't forget each day's class notes are color coded and match that night's homework.  If you get stuck all you have to do is look at the notes that are the same color as the homework and you can find help.  Don't forget we will have a POM (Point of Mastery) each Friday on the concepts covered that week.
Here's to a great year of math!

Below are some links that will be helpful during our study of math this year and some just for fun too!

Graphic organizer for Learn Zillion tutorial videos

Halloween Math


Click the iXL link to work at home and school on a wide range of math skills.

We currently in our first unit of study:  "Expressions."
This unit includes:
-Writing Algebraic Expressions
-Identifying Parts of an Expression
-Evaluating Expressions
-Equivalent Expressions

In our next Unit, "Equations," we will concentrate on the following concepts/topics:
-Solving Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division Equations 
-Using Substitution to Check Solutions
-Analyzing Relationships Between Variables Using Equations, 
 Tables, Graphs

Some other helpful math web sites:

     Virtual Nerd

         Purple Math

         Khan Academy

         Cool Math


         Math Playground

         XP Math

Practice your facts with the Math Magician!: XtraMath-Fact Practice Math Fact Practice

Decimal Numbers Games: 
Decimal Compare Ordering Decimals Comparing and Ordering Decimals

Math Frog
Fun math games for every math concept in grade 5!


These websites have lots of videos that will help further our study of math this year.  They are great for homework too! These sites are great for Moms and Dads too!