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First Grade February News

Dear Families,

Happy February!  The school days keep flying by as we are quickly approaching the 100th day of School!  Students continue to be actively engaged in the learning process and February will prove to be a busy month for first graders! 


In reading, the students are continuing to work with the various structures of fiction and nonfiction texts.  Story elements (characters/setting/problem/solution) are discussed during both whole group and small group lessons and the kids are digging deeper into the character’s traits and actions.  Both in class and in library, the students have been learning about the various nonfiction text features that help them maneuver through these texts and gain more information as they read.  

As your child is reading at home ask them about the characters they are reading about.  Ask what the character is like and why they think this.  Have your child tell you about the problem in the story and how it was solved or what events occurred in their book.  With nonfiction texts, ask your child what text features were in their book and what they learned about the topic as they read.  Have fun with this!    


Students will continue to work on writing informational piece about topics that they know a lot about.  Their stories cover many different topics and it is always fun to see what they think they are “experts” on!  The students have been working on teaching the reader about their topic, using story specific vocabulary, and compositing strong beginnings to introduce their topics and conclusions to wrap things up.  As they move through the unit, they will transition to researching a topic and composing a piece based on their research.


After a short investigation into measuring and comparing lengths, the students will move into a unit focusing on Geometry.  In this unit, the children will identify, describe, and compare 2- and 3-D shapes.  They will become shape experts as they gain geometry specific vocabulary, work with combining shapes, and decompose and split shapes into equal parts.


The students are continuing to investigate their way through our Forces and Motion Unit.  They have been looking at the different ways that objects can move, what makes them move, what effects how they move, and what makes an object stop.  To challenge their critical thinking skills, the students will be making predictions, explaining their reasoning, and carrying out experiments with cars and ramps.  They will think about and look at how different heights and surfaces of a ramp, as well as weight of the car, affect its moving down the ramp.  


*Children must have boots and snow pants to play in the snow.  As the temperature continues to drop, warm clothing is necessary (hats, gloves, scarf, etc.)

*There is no scheduled recess on early dismissal or delayed start days.

Important Dates:

February 9th – 100th Day of School ☺

February 16th – Early Dismissal-Professional Development for Teachers

February 19th- No School-Presidents’ Day